Tammyjo,  Meghan and their family

Tammyjo, Meghan and their family

On February 1, 2016, two friends, Meghan Boyle and Tammy jo Henrotin formed a partnership and purchased a very unique children's clothing store in Newport Beach, CA. The two women had much in common, liked each other and were looking for an opportunity to "spread their wings." Being house wives and raising children might be more than enough for most moms but these two had the energy, talent, vision and drive to take this five year old business to new heights. Meghan had the children's clothing boutique experience while Tammy jo had years of professional marketing and merchandising experience with Brighton ...... the dream team was ready to get to work!!!

ALONG CAME A SPIDER is already Orange County's premier children's boutique. Parents, Grandparents and anyone looking for that unique, must have outfit will find that this beautiful "kids candy store" has a selection like no other store anywhere.We look forward to meeting you soon